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This book is a must-buy for any parents who want their kids to grow strong, resilient AND be ready for anything that life throws at them.
Every kids book tends to have a moral, or some teachings, but not all of them have something that can stay ingrain going forward. It is something that you can go back to when you're at lost on "how to grow my kids for the future".

If you're looking for this kind of book, THIS IS IT!

Karel, father

A truly powerful book that teaches kids confidence and positive self talk! The illustration is absolutely adorable! I bought this book for my nieces and they loved it. The parents really appreciated it too. The book prompted them to have a conversation with their kids about confidence or the lack thereof. Would highly recommend. 

Tuyen, Aunty

“An excellent short story about finding confidence through reliance on friends and positive inner self talk. The book has a lovely rhythm and flow, and the discussion questions at the end were perfect conversation starters for my pre-schooler.

Imogen, mamma

"It was especially great to launch a discussion about different fears for differnt people and how, while the slide might't look big and scarty to some, it did to Coco.”

Rihannon, mamma

Confident Coco...the name got me straightaway!! Even as an adult, I really enjoyed the illustration of this book. Having a girl as a main character is also refreshing. I got 3 copies, one for a 3 year old and the other two was for two 7 year olds. It was interesting observing how reacted to the book differently. The older ones read the book and found the discussion section interesting whereas I have to read to the 3 year old. The first time I read to her, she was so silent as she listened to every word and she requested me read it three times! As soon as she woke up, she asked for Coco (looks like the name stuck with her as well). The next week when I saw her, she asked for Coco and she even pointed out at Ruby and called her by name without me prompting her. When we took go out, she wants to bring Coco with her in her bag. 

Michelle, Aunty

Confident Coco Being happy .jpeg

"As a teacher I have read a lot of kids books. This is so simple and yet so powerful. Beautifully written and the illustrations are gorgeous. What a wonderful contribution to children's literature. Encouraging this kind of thinking in our children is what will enable real positive change in our society for generations to come."

Justine, teacher

Confident Coco is a beautifully written and illustrated book. The language is powerful and inspiring to young readers. My students often engage with the imagery of the slide and the changes throughout the story and how it matches the development of the determined Coco. It’s versatility for different ‘teaching moments’ is why I will also have a copy nearby.


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