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ABC of Equality

Oh hello there ABC of Equality! 🌈 Another beautiful book of complicated concepts delivered in the most simplest way. With colourful illustrations that are just cute and gorgeous!! We love our ABC’s but when there’s ABC with a purpose.. suddenly there’s a burst of magic in the air! Here’s the magic... A is for Ability -‘ Our abilities are our own unique powers’ and B is for Belief- ‘Everyone has different beliefs’. You’re probably thinking, what on earth could Z be used to stand for equality? Sorry to tease you, but we’ll leave that to your imagination! We say thank you 🙏 @chanaewing for giving us this meaningful book of creativity and meaning! (Yep there’s a lot of meaning!) And Paulina Morgan for offering these beautiful illustrations! 🌈 We’re giving this book a 🙌 because we absolutely love it!! What do you think Z could be? 😘

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