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Dear Daughter, here’s my wish for you

It’s 2am in the morning and I’ve just put my baby daughter down to sleep. Walking like a zombie back to bed, I lie myself down and watch my daughter through the monitor waiting for her to return to her baby dreams. As I wait, my mind wonders to her future, to the potential challenges that life could throw at her and the beautiful wonders that life would offer.

From the teachings of life that I have learnt, I decided to spend my 2am morning writing a wish list, a survival guide to life. For her.

Dear Daughter,

Here’s my wish for you.

I wish that you have the courage to chase your dreams and when you do, do it in an educated way.

I wish that you get to kiss a boy or girl under the summer lit sky and when you do, do it because it’s the person you’re crazy about.

I wish that you never have to compromise on who you are to fit in or feel you have to please. But if it happens, learn from the lessons and remember that being who you are is the only solution.

I wish that you are never afraid to stand up for what you believe in. But if that time comes, take a deep breath, let your inner courage take over, assess your audience and communicate in such a way that they feel your desires.

I wish that you remember the feeling of being pushed so high on a swing and to have your stomach fill with adrenaline. When you do, be reminded on how the simple things in life can make you incredibly happy.

I wish that jealousy will only play a small part in your life and if it so happens to surface. I wish you that you are able to turn away and be reminded that your life is written in a unique way, a special way.

I wish that the darkest hours will never be that dark, but if it occurs I wish for the brightest light to pull you out from the darkness.

I wish that physical appearance is not the core of your self worth. But if you you find yourself in such a state be reminded that you are more than your looks. That the true gift is your mind and your heart.

I wish that you never lose contact with your mother and father. But if it happens, try and sit from our perspective and never be afraid to connect with us again… Why? Because we love you and our love will never die.

I wish you are able to control yourself when it comes to temptations. But if you do, stop, reassess and understand how giving in or resisting will impact you.

I wish that you have a healthy relationship with failure. That failure does not define your self worth or who you are but an opportunity to point you towards a better path. A greater path.

Overall, I wish that you continually learn, love and live, authentically, compassionately and mindfully.

Love Mamma

Written by Chanh Kien from Little Mindsets

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