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Mum Code

Something I’ve discovered since becoming a mum…mum code, because other mums know how wonderful but tough being a mum can be.

Mum code. It’s a friend checking in to see how I’m going, feeling, sleeping, coping, surviving.

Mum code. It’s the offer of emotional support, words of encouragement, understanding and a listening ear so I don’t feel so alone.

Mum code. It’s the offer to put a load of laundry on when they visit, with the meals and snacks in tow.

Mum code. It’s kindness from a stranger who let me skip ahead in the cue at the bakery when they noticed my little one was grizzling.

Mum code. It’s keeping the baby entertained so I can have a mental break.

Mum code. It’s a colleague from work offering advice and positive messages. Her son just turned 21 and she knew the amazing love affair I was about to embark on. She was there cheering from the sidelines.

Mum code. It’s a knowing smile from another mum at the supermarket.

Mum code. It’s holding my baby so I can eat or have a shower.

Mum code. It’s at mother’s group, balancing a bottle on my chin, feeding my new baby with one hand whilst rummaging through the nappy bag with the other hand to find a toy, throwing it across the room to another mum who is holding her baby while she trying to soothe another mum’s baby who has stepped out of the room. She catches it cleanly, with one hand.

I am so grateful for all the amazing mums who have shown me what mum code looks like. I will honour it and pay it forward, I hope you do too.

P.S. We’re from down under so we say ‘mum’ :)

Written by Phuong Ong from Little Mindsets

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