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My Two Blankets

When days get overwhelming, we look forward to the nights where bedtime stories welcome us with a warm blanket. This beautiful story follows a girl who comes from a war torn country and lands in a new environment where the language, the food and the ‘wind is strange’. She then meets a little girl at the park who teaches her new words. Cleverly done, this story uncovers many themes including; Cultural displacement, kindness from a stranger, friendship, loneliness and the transition from old to new Every read is a heart flutter and leaves our young readers feeling grateful while opening their minds to such topics. Winner of the children’s book of the year awards this book is simply a must have for little readers and one that we’ll treasure for years.

We say thank you so much to the author Irena Kobold 😍🙌🏼💕

Reccomended for ages 6+

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